for the Study of Jesuits

Rinald D’Souza

Founded in 1540 by Ignatius of Loyola and his first companions, the Society of Jesus — popularly known as the Jesuits — have been among the earliest global institutions. Their initial zeal blended a religious and civic mission. Their cultural influence spanned beyond the religious sphere to encompass the diverse fields of the arts and sciences. In contemporary times, the Jesuits have rearticulated their mission as the propagation of faith and justice. This has led them to increasingly champion issues of social justice, along with their spiritual, intellectual and pastoral activities.

Scholarship on the Jesuits — Jesuit Studies — has now become an engaging field that intersects a broad range of academic disciplines.

The Vocabulary for the Study of Jesuits brings together a wide range of Jesuit terminology that is inspired by its spiritual and temporal structures and thus lie embedded within its primary sources. The Vocabulary is open source as well as a live reference work that is constantly updated.

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