Finding the Lost Sheep at Christmas

If Christmas indeed celebrates the birth and coming of Jesus, one might probably need to investigate the purpose of his coming: for “the lost sheep of Israel” — the marginalised of society. But what could lost sheep inform us about our Christmas, our lives and our histories? A reflection for Christmas.

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It was by the river Cardoner, that as Ignatius sat and contemplated, “the eyes of his understanding began to be opened; though he did not see any vision, he understood and knew many things, both spiritual things and matters of faith and learning, and this was with so great an enlightenment that everything seemed new to him. It was as if he were a new man with a new intellect.” What is your Cardoner moment?

Feet that walk, hearts that see

In the Summer of 2018, Rinald D’Souza SJ undertook the Camino Ignaciano — an Ignatian pilgrimage that traverses history, culture and spirituality through some of the most beautiful regions of Spain. The pilgrimage is walked with one’s feet, but takes a heart — as much as a mind — to see the world and journey with it. Here Rinald reflects on his journey with his lens.

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Montserrat, Spain

Walking the Camino Ignaciano

The Camino Ignaciano is an Ignatian pilgrimage that recreates the sixteenth-century historical route (1522) of Ignatius of Loyola from his hometown in Azpeitia to the cave in Manresa where he underwent a transformative experience and wrote his classic, The Spiritual Exercises. Rinald D’Souza SJ reflects on his experience of walking the Camino.

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