Rinald D’Souza is a historian of religion and society in modern South Asia. He specializes on twentieth-century Christianity and the history of the Jesuits in India. He is presently a doctoral researcher at the Department of History at KU Leuven, Belgium. His dissertation explores the self-fashioning of Adivasi Jesuits through the missionary periodical press.

Rinald holds an MA in history from the University of Hyderabad (2014), apart from three bachelor’s degrees in theology, philosophy and history. These cross-disciplinary viewpoints enable him to bring fresh perspectives to thinking on religion and society in South Asia.

He has previously worked as a researcher at the Xavier Centre of Historical Research, Goa and has co-edited a volume on Public History of Goa: Evolving Politics, Culture and Identity (2019).

Apart from his current research, Rinald reads on South Asian art history, as also keeps himself abreast on his homeland Goa. He has recently co-edited a book on The Jesuits, Goa and the Arts (2023).

Historia Domus was launched by Rinald in the course of his graduate studies as a collaborative project and database for research on the Jesuits and Christianity in South Asia.

He resides in Leuven, Belgium.

Historia Domus brings together a collaborative database that collates resources for research on the Jesuits, as well as on Christianity in South Asia.


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