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English For Children

Free (12 weeks)

Basic Skills

$149 (12 weeks)

Intensive Course

$299 (20 weeks)
The Basque country (Euskadi) contains some of the most beautiful and green walking routes of the Camino Ignaciano. Pastoral scenes like these are very refreshing to the otherwise hot summers of Spain. It is also interesting to note that the Basque language (Euskara) is a language isolate, that makes the Basques among the oldest ethnic groups in Europe. Consider that Ignatius of Loyola grew up in these surroundings.

Mastering Grammar

$90 (20 weeks)
The apse of the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Arantzazu is a fine mural in wood carved by the Spanish abstractionist artist Lucio Muñoz (1929-1998) in the year 1962. Muñoz borrows elements from the Gipuzkoan countryside and sees his work as a movement towards peace that is mediated to the Basque people through Our Lady of Arantzazu. The mural gives the Sanctuary a very earthy atmosphere.

30-60-90 Business

$299 (24 weeks)

Language Studies

$355 (14 weeks)

Language Trainings

$99 (2 weeks)
A story of two royalties. One, from the House of Castile that provided for the Santa María de la Redonda, a richly endowed gothic and baroque church that was meant to honour Mary, the mother of Jesus. The second, from Jesus, who relinquished everything and chose the path of humility and death, in order to bring life. Both these stories are in marked contrast. Which one would you prefer?

Second Language

$425 (18 weeks)

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