Jan van Eyck, "Annunciation", c. 1430-35 | National Gallery of Art, Washington DC

At Van Eyck’s Optical Revolution, the Sublime meets the Spiritual

LONG READ | ‘Van Eyck. An Optical Revolution’ at the MSK Ghent is the largest exhibition of the Early Netherlandish pioneer Jan van Eyck, whose innovations with oil painting and realism enabled us to see the world like we had never seen before. But is there more in his sublime portrayal of reality? Rinald D’Souza reviews.

Finding the Lost Sheep at Christmas

If Christmas indeed celebrates the birth and coming of Jesus, one might probably need to investigate the purpose of his coming: for “the lost sheep of Israel” — the marginalised of society. But what could lost sheep inform us about our Christmas, our lives and our histories? A reflection for Christmas.

Adeus Romuald. There is still so much more to do.

Adeus Romuald. There is still so much more to do.

Romuald D’Souza SJ (1925-2019) was among the finest Jesuit educationists from Goa. Awarded the Padma Shri in 2010 for his contribution to education, Romuald had distinguished himself in the field of business management education first at the XLRI, Jamshedpur and later by founding two premier business schools: XIM, Bhubaneshwar and GIM, Goa. In his tribute to Romuald, Rinald D’Souza SJ contends how Romuald deployed his own spiritual heritage to influence his brand of business management education.

The Shift within the Vatican Secret Archives

The Shift in the Vatican Secret Archives

While the announcement of the opening of the Vatican Archives of Pope Pius XII (1939-1958) was welcome by researchers, what has remained in focus is a debate regarding the role of the Pope and the Holocaust. However, the Archives should reveal a much broader narrative as the period of this papacy was also at the centre of a shifting global Christianity and its rapid indigenisation.

Final Vows: Jesuitspeak for Availability and Mission

Final Vows: Jesuitspeak for Availability and Mission

The path to the final vows within the Society of Jesus can be a protracted journey as outlined by its Institute. Rinald D’Souza articulates how these final vows — which include a fourth vow of special obedience to the Pope with regard to the missions — are in fact a manifestation of a Jesuit’s availability for mission.

Climate Change | Wij Dromen Meer Bomen | Claiming the Climate

Claiming back our Climate

Claim the Climate was the largest ever mobilisation for climate in Belgium, as over 65,000 people marched through Brussels voicing their support for an ambitious climate plan. Rinald D’Souza joined the Critical Mass from Leuven as he expressed his solidarity with his host country and our common struggle for sustainable climate solutions.

The Making of a Poor Saint: Oscar Romero

Much before the announcement of Pope Francis to canonise Oscar Romero a Saint of the Catholic Church, the people of Latin America had already begun to venerate their San Romero, ever since his martyrdom on 24 March 1980. His witness to the gospel message that informed a faith in favour of the poor is as relevant to us today as it was in his own lifetime.

Montserrat, Spain

Walking the Camino Ignaciano

The Camino Ignaciano is an Ignatian pilgrimage that recreates the sixteenth-century historical route (1522) of Ignatius of Loyola from his hometown in Azpeitia to the cave in Manresa where he underwent a transformative experience and wrote his classic, The Spiritual Exercises. Rinald D’Souza SJ reflects on his experience of walking the Camino.


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