The Jesuits, Goa and the Arts

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The Jesuits, Goa and the Arts | Rinald D'Souza, Anthony da Silva, David de Souza

The Jesuits, Goa and the Arts

Rinald D’Souza
Anthony da Silva

David de Souza

Xavier Centre of Historical Research, Goa



240 pages

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From the mid-sixteenth century onwards, the Jesuit missionary enterprise in Goa not only propagated a faith but also contributed to a Catholic imagination that while being universal was also characteristically Goan. The flourish of Jesuit-inspired art and architecture that continues to dot the Goan landscape today, bears testimony to the cultural encounter between diverse religious and social spheres within Goa. Whereas its original impetus might have been European, its artistic production was shaped through a collaboration between European Jesuits and the Goan populace and its craftsmen who accommodated Jesuit art and architecture to their own cultural sensibilities. What resulted was an evocative new style, the Modo Goano.

The Jesuits, Goa and the Arts focuses on the artistic and cultural production of Jesuit-inspired art and architecture in Goa. Along with brilliant photography that brings to life the artistic milieu of the sixteenth-eighteenth century Jesuit presence in Goa, the contributions in the book draw on historical scholarship which highlight the varied contexts that shaped the Jesuits, Goa and the arts. The volume commemorates the twin jubilees of the canonisation of Ignatius of Loyola (1491-1556) and Francis Xavier (1506-1552) who greatly influenced the global mission of the Society of Jesus.

Roland Coelho

The Cultural Encounter of the Jesuits in Goa
Rinald D’Souza

Ignatius and Xavier as Influencers
Délio Mendonça

The Jesuit Modo Goano
Cristina Osswald

Forgotten Altarpieces in Goan Churches
Mónica Esteves Reis

Understanding Goa’s Christian Art through the Jesuit Collection at MoCA
Natasha Fernandes

Art, a Path to Interiority
Anthony da Silva




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