Tribe-British Relations in India: Revisiting Text, Perspective and Approach

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Tribe-British Relations in India: Revisiting Text, Perspective and Approach | Maguni Charan Behera

Tribe-British Relations in India: Revisiting Text, Perspective and Approach

Maguni Charan Behera




xxvii, 366 pages

This book discusses the colonial history of Tribe-British relations in India. It analyses colonial literature, as well as cultural and relational issues of pre-literate communities. It interrogates disciplinary epistemology through multidisciplinary engagement. It presents the temporal and spatial dimensions of tribal studies. The chapters critically examine colonial ideology and administration and civilization of tribes of India. Each paper introduces a unique context of Tribe-British interactions and provides an innovative approach, theoretical foundation, analytical tool and methodological insights in the emerging discipline of tribal studies. The book is of interest to researchers and scholars engaged in topics related to tribes.

Maguni Charan Behera, M.A., Ph.D. (Economics) from Utkal University, Bhubaneswar, Odisha, has been pursuing researches on tribal studies and rural economics from mid-1980s. He has authored/edited/co-edited more than 30 volumes on socio-economic and cultural life of tribal and rural people from theoretical and empirical perspectives. To his credit, he has more than sixty research papers on national and international topics published in various national and international journals. He has presented about sixty-five papers in national and international seminars/conferences in the country and abroad. He is a member of many professional bodies. Dr. Behera was a professor of Indigenous Culture Studies and Dean School of Cultural Studies, Central University of Jharkhand, before he joined as a director of Arunachal Institute of Tribal Studies, Rajiv Gandhi University, Itanagar, Arunachal Pradesh, India.

Abbreviations and Conventional Signs

Chapter One. Introduction
Critical appraisal of Castets’ introduction to De Erroribus
Critical appraisal of Hausherr’s introduction to De Erroribus
De Syrorum Orientalium Erroribus (1586)
On the title of De Syrorum Orientalium Erroribus
On the linguistic approach in T
On the presentation of the scriptural sources in T
The other Syriac sources in T
A general comment on the edition of T

Chapter Two. Translation Strategy Adopted in the Rosian Treatises

Chapter Three. De Syrorum Orientalium Erroribus: Edition of the Treatise

Chapter Four. Impact of the Rosian treatises

Primary Sources (Published)
Secondary Sources
General Index

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