Early Catholic Orientalism

Robert Trent Pomplun, Joan-Pau Rubiés and Ines G Županov (editors)

Journal: Journal of Early Modern History
Volume 24 (2020): Issue 6 (Nov 2020)
Special Issue: Early Catholic Orientalism

Publisher: Brill
ISBN: 1385-3783


Introduction: Early Catholic Orientalism and the Missionary Discovery of Asian Religions
Robert Trent Pomplun, Joan-Pau Rubiés, and Ines G. Županov

Antiquissima Christianità: Indian Religion or Idolatry?
Ines G. Županov

From Idolatry to Religions: the Missionary Discourses on Hinduism and Buddhism and the Invention of Monotheistic Confucianism, 1550-1700
Joan-Pau Rubiés

Like No Other in the World: Ippolito Desideri on Tibetan Religion
Robert Trent Pomplun

Translating Catechisms, Translating Cultures: The Expansion of Catholicism in the Early Modern World , edited by Antje Flüchter and Rouven Wirbser
J. Michelle Molina

Going the Distance: Eurasian Trade and the Rise of the Business Corporation, 1400-1700 , written by Ron Harris
Carlo Taviani

American Baroque: Pearls and the Nature of Empire, 1492-1700 , written by Molly A. Warsh
Tamara Fernando

Objects in Frames: Displaying Foreign Collectibles in Early Modern China and Europe , written by Anna Grasskamp
Anne Gerritsen

The Venetian Discovery of America: Geographic Imagination and Print Culture in the Age of Encounters , written by Elizabeth Horodowich
Jana Byars

Threads of Global Desire: Silk in the Pre‐Modern World , edited by Dagmar Schäfer, Giorgio Riello, and Luca Molà
Elizabeth Currie

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