Jesuits of the Goa Province: A Historical Overview (1542-2000)

Gregory Naik SJ

Jesuits of the Goa Province: A Historical Overview (1542–2000) covers a wide swathe of Jesuit history as it relates to South Asia. The author weaves a Jesuit narrative of great fascination, with Goa as its centrepiece. The story of Jesuit Goa is really a global story, as it touches distant lands and mighty continents. Since Goa was the hub of the Portuguese empire in the East, it became a strategic player in the pioneering activities of the early Jesuits residing in Goa. This book will fascinate students of history, religion and cultures. It offers rich data for further exploring the colonial history of Goa and it’s connection with the Society of Jesus.

Gregory Naik SJ is a Jesuit priest of the Goa Jesuit Province. After completing a double Master’s in History and Counselling in the USA, he served diligently in Jesuit schools in India. He worked as the executive secretary of the Jesuit Educational Association for South Asia in New Delhi, for seven years. Thereafter, he was appointed Provincial of the Goa Jesuit Province. Fr. Naik served at the Jesuit Headquarters in Rome for several years. He is fluent in several languages. On his return to Goa in 2009, Fr. Naik established the Goa Jesuit Archives and has been working there ever since.

Series: XCHR Studies Series
Volume: 13

Publisher: CinnamonTeal Publishing
Publication date: 26 February 2019
ISBN: 9789387676398
Pages: 182 pp.


Present Map of the Goa Jesuit Province
Author’s Preface

Part I: The Origin of the Goa Province

Chapter 1: Once upon a time the Jesuits
Chapter 2: Expulsion of the Jesuits from Goa

Part II: The Restored Goa Province

Chapter 3: Recall of Jesuits to Goa
Chapter 4: The Birth of the Mission
Chapter 5: The Activities of the First Fathers
Chapter 6: The Work of Evangelisation
Chapter 7: The Bardeskar Phenomenon and Jesuit Apostolate in the Belgaum Area
Chapter 8: The Jesuits return to Goa
Chapter 9: Re-structuring the Mission (1954)
Chapter 10: Goa-Pune Partnership (1963-1993)
Chapter 11: The Province Bifurcated
Chapter 12: The Restoration of Goa Province

Looking Forward


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