Intercultural Encounter and the Jesuit Mission in South Asia (16th – 18th Centuries)

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The Routledge Handbook of Hindu-Christian Relations | Chad M Bauman and Michelle Voss Roberts

Intercultural Encounter and the Jesuit Mission in South Asia (16th – 18th Centuries)

Anand Amaladass
Ines G Županov

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396 pages

Scholarship on the Jesuit missions in India has recently become a less occult and partisan historiographical field. It is no more an apologetic project, nor a spiteful critique popular among the 19th –century Protestant scholars and missionaries. Why studying Jesuit sources? Because they are a window into early modern and modern Indian and global history. When analyzed critically, these sources provide a different perspective on various actors, events and historical directions. At times they are also the only written documents about communities and their histories. In this volume, without trying to be exhaustive in terms of chronology and topics, the intention of the editors was to present the new scholarship in the field and to show how the interdisciplinary border-crossing can stimulate further research. 

Anand Amaladass

Ines G. Županov
Prologue: Perils of Translation: Missionary Writing in/on South Asia (16th-18th c.)

Part I : Jesuit Mission between Theological Debates and Philosophical Reasons

Francis X. Clooney
The Pre-Suppression Jesuit Case against Rebirth, with Special Reference to India

Gérard Colas and Usha Colas-Chauhan
Une pensée en morceauxTwo Works from the Carnatic Mission: A Refutation of Metempsychosis in Sanskrit and a Collection of Sermons in Telugu

Anand Amaladass
Early Jesuit Mission Methods in Asia, with Special Reference to the Ñānōpadēcak kurippiṭam (“Catechism”) of Roberto Nobili 

Joan-Pau Rubiés
Reassessing ‘the Discovery of Hinduism’: the Jesuit Discourse on Gentile Idolatry and the European Republic of Letters 

Will Sweetman
The Cessation of the Oracles: Authenticity and Authority in Jesuit Reports of Possession in South India

Part II :Anthropology of Conversion: Conflicts, Controversies, Accommodation, Resistance

Danna Agmon
Conflicts in the Context of Conversion: French Jesuits and Tamil Religious Intermediaries in MaduraiIndia

Ines G. Županov
Jesuit Proselytism versus Resilient Religious Pluralism; Two South Indian Missions in the 16th and 17th Centuries

Giuseppe Marcocci
Jesuit Missionaries and the Portuguese Inquisition in South Asia: A Controversial History (16th-18th Centuries)

Part III: Jesuit Mission: Science and Governance

Dhruv Raina
A Neglected field: The Historiographic Frames for Studying the Jesuit Sciences in India

Michael Sievernich
Geographical Mapping of India in 18th Century; The Contribution of the German Jesuit Joseph Tieffenthaler

Ricardo Ventura
Tombos dos pagodes: Mapping the Religious and Social Context of Rural Goa in the Early Modern Period

Cristina Murua
Father Gaspar de Aguilar – the Banished Genious

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