Conversions and Citizenry: Goa Under Portugal 1510-1610

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Conversions and Citizenry: Goa Under Portugal 1510-1610 | Délio de Mendonça

Conversions and Citizenry: Goa Under Portugal 1510-1610

Délio de Mendonça

XCHR Studies Series, 11

Concept Publishing



xviii, 454 pages

Conversions in Goa during the sixteenth century is one of the most sensitive and much disputed issues in Goan history. This book presents a point of view on, and an insight into, the affair of conversions, and relates it to other questions and realities pertinent to the life of the Goans then and now. Several aspects that have been overlooked earlier or dealt with insufficiently, have been discussed here. It is hoped that Conversions and Citizenry will throw some more light on the history of Goa.

Vitor Délio Jacinto de Mendonça (b. 1958) is Director, Xavier Centre of Historical Research, Alto Porvorim, Goa. After completing his schooling in Beira (Mozambique), he entered the Society of Jesus in Goa in 1979. He did his M.A. and Ph.D. in History and M.A. in Portuguese Literature. He lectured in the Department of Portuguese at Goa University.


  1. Agents of Conversion and Historiography of Conversions
  2. Goa in the Sixteenth Century
  3. The Idea and Practice of Conversion
  4. Methods and Institutions of Conversion
  5. Decrees and Privileges in Favour of Conversion
  6. Decrees on Temples, Idols and Orphans
  7. Catechumens and Group Baptisms: Local Christian Beliefs
  8. Conversions: Resistance and Consequent Impediments
  9. Syncretism in the Life of Converts
  10. Missionaries, Local Clergy: Christian Women
  11. Continuity and Change in Goa: European Stereotypes
  12. Canarim-Portuguese Citizenry




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